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  • St. Croix and Rod Geeks, Explained

    St. Croix and Rod Geeks, Explained

    Many rod builders were surprised to learn that St. Croix was cutting way back on their blank offerings, choosing to continue producing only a selection of their most popular SCV models. Here are four key things to know.
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  • RODgeeks Center Pin Blanks

    RODgeeks Center Pin Blanks

    We have received a number of requests for center pin style blanks and we are happy to announce the introduction of 2 new models.  The center pin blanks are in our Salmon and Steelhead Series.  These are thoroughly tested designs that are light and sensitive, and they have been optimized for center pin fishing.

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  • Surfcaster's Journal Review

    Surfcaster's Journal Review

    The Surfcaster's Journal just released a great review of our SRF110C3 blank.  Custom rod maker Lou Caruso is featured in the video. Lou came to us with the idea of a combination blank that had one handle and two interchangeable tip sections with completely different actions.  This "combo rod" covers a wide range of surf casting applications, and it has been very well received by rod makers and fishermen.
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  • RODgeeks - Suggested Guide Size and Spacing Chart

    RODgeeks - Suggested Guide Size and Spacing Chart

    We have received many requests for recommended guide spacing on our blanks so we now provide this information. We respect that you may have your own preferences for guide size and spacing. If so, our recommendations will serve as a good starting point. Many builders will tape the guides to a blank before wrapping them, then run a line through them and bend the blank to make sure that the spacing meets their approval. This is a practice we recommend.
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