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Advantages of Composite Blanks

All of our blanks are made by cutting patterns of fabric-like material called prepreg and rolling them around a tapered mandrel. Carbon fiber blanks are made from carbon fiber prepreg, and fiberglass blanks are made from fiberglass prepreg. A composite blank is made from a combination of carbon fiber prepregs and fiberglass prepregs, rolled together around the same mandrel. Done properly, the carbon fiber patterns provide the blank with great sensitivity, while the fiberglass gives it durability. You can also adjust the stiffness of different parts of the blank by adjusting the patterns of the different materials.

Our X-Comps are a great example of a composite blank. Carbon fiber runs the length of the blank to provide sensitivity, with extra amounts in the lower part to keep the handle stiff. Fiberglass is used in the upper section of the blank to keep the tip soft and the working part of the rod durable. The excellent performance of X-Comps in saltwater applications is well known, but freshwater fishermen should consider them as well. The XC730 and XC731 are light enough to be used for various bass techniques, and the 8 foot X-Comps make great big catfish or musky rods. Try one for your next build.

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