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General Questions

Do you have wholesale accounts?

Yes, please contact us at info@rodgeeks.com for more information.

How do your blanks compare to [insert company here]?

Unfortunately, there are no universal standards to describe a blank, so we can’t always say how our blanks compare to another company’s. However, feel free to contact us and we will describe the blank the best we can to help you get a sense for what it's like.

Can Rod Geeks build me a finished rod?

We don’t build custom rods, but we know a bunch of talented people who do! but we know a bunch of talented people who do! Contact us at info@rodgeeks.com.

 Can Rod Geeks design a blank for me?

Unfortunately, no. Blank design is a long and expensive process. We put our development effort into the blanks most commonly requested by customers. If you are looking for a design, let us know. If enough people request it we will consider adding it to our lineup.

What is the difference between the C2 and C4 Series?

The main difference between the Carbon 2 and Carbon 4 series is the modulus of the carbon fiber in the prepreg used to make the blanks. Choose Carbon 4 when you need an extra-light blank with additional sensitivity. Our Carbon 4 prepreg uses all of the same proprietary technology we use in our Carbon 2 prepreg, but we jack up the performance with a high-modulus, high-strain carbon fiber. We roll this material on small diameter mandrels that feature our ST3 — Smooth Taper Transition Technology — to yield blanks that are light, sensitive, powerful and durable with an incredibly smooth action.

How do our blanks compare to St. Croix in terms of power and action?

Our blanks are very similar to comparable St. Croix models with the exception of our Bass Series. These blanks are designed specifically for bass anglers, with slightly slower actions and more power in the tips. The action section of our blanks also have reinforcing material for extra durability. Our C2 blanks are the same as St. Croix's SCII, and our C4 is the same as SCIV. We do not have a direct SCIII equivalent because our C4 blanks are even higher performance at great prices.


How does shipping work?

We charge a flat $10.00 for shipments within the continental United States. Your order should arrive within two weeks of you placing it. The flat rate means it saves you money to purchase multiple blanks at once.

Please visit shipping & returns for more information.

Customization & Colors

What is the difference between the Natural and Clear Gloss finish?

Our Natural Finish is a matte clear coat that allows the natural color and look of carbon fiber (grayish black) to be present on the blank. Our Clear Gloss Finish is similar to the Natural Finish in color, but we add a gloss to it that makes the blank shine in the light.

Can you paint a blank that's from a different company if I send it to you?

We appreciate your interest in our colors, but this is not a service we provide. We have an extensive rod blank lineup and we're happy to help you find what you need for your build. 

Where can I find help on guide spacing?

Check out our guide spacing spec sheet for details.

How can I tell if a blank is one or two pieces?

Most of our blanks are a single piece. Two-piece blanks will have a "2" at the end of the model number. A "3" denotes a three-piece blank, and a "4" denotes a four-piece blank.

 Can I cut blanks to the length I want them?

You can safely take six inches off the butt of any of our blanks.

How are surf rods split?

All of our surf rod blanks over 8 feet long are split 30/70. Blanks 8 feet and under are one-piece.

Do you have ice blanks?

No. Ice blanks are made through an extrusion process, which is different from the "rolled and wrapped" process we use. We do not extrude any blanks.

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