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  • Surfcaster's Journal Review

    Surfcaster's Journal Review

    The Surfcaster's Journal just released a great review of our SRF110C3 blank.  Custom rod maker Lou Caruso is featured in the video. Lou came to us with the idea of a combination blank that had one handle and two interchangeable tip sections with completely different actions.  This "combo rod" covers a wide range of surf casting applications, and it has been very well received by rod makers and fishermen.
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  • New RODgeeks Surf Rod Blanks Are Now Available

    New RODgeeks Surf Rod Blanks Are Now Available

    We are happy to announce the arrival of two new 13' surf rod blanks, the SRF130MHMF2 and SRF130HMF2. Our 13' heaver SRF130XHMF2 released earlier this year has been very popular along the Atlantic coast, and many of our customers have requested these models to round out the line-up. These blanks have lower power ratings than the original 13' model and they are designed to throw lighter baits.
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