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RG-42 Build Components

For our rod builders - order this kit to go with your C236M blank or the RG-42 BUILD KIT.  Included in this kit are all of the components you need to build your custom 42" rod. The component kit includes the guides - sizes 20, 12, 8, and (2) 5.5's, with a 5.5 tip top, hook keeper, handle, foregrip, reel seat, arbor, and wind check. You supply the thread, epoxy, and your rod building talent, and we've covered everything else in the kit.

The component kit is available for $20 with free shipping.  Everyone buys it at wholesale prices!


Check out the C236M (RG-42) build kit: HERE
Buy the C236M blank: HERE

Looking for a finished rod? Check out RG-42 Fishing Rod and Reel Combo: HERE

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