You've Never Seen a Rod Combo Like This

We've created a fishing rod kit to fit your active lifestyle. A thoughtfully designed case holds a 42" rod and reel combo that really performs. We've also included a tackle tray and a pair of fishing pliers, so everything you need to fish is in this kit. 

  • 45" case goes anywhere and carries everything you need to go fishing
  • 42" rod optimized for long casts and fish fighting power
  • Includes a smooth tournament grade reel spooled with line
  • Fits in any car or truck - it goes where you go
  • Ideal if you kayak, canoe, hike, camp, or RV
  • $149 + Free Shipping = Great Value

We guarantee you'll love your rod- if not, return it for a full refund.

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We know the struggle of transporting and storing traditional 7' - 8' fishing rods. Multipiece rods offer some relief, but you still have to set them up and break them down every time you fish. And no one likes dealing with a tangled mess of line and rod sections. RODgeeks solves this problem by offering you a tournament-grade 42" rod that is ready to fish the second you pull it out of the case.


Your time is valuable.
Spend more of it fishing.

What Do People Think?

When we asked a couple pro fishermen to try the RG-42, they were skeptical that a rod half that's half the length of a regular rod was worth fishing with. But when they actually tried it, they were amazed.  

Don't need the whole kit?

Get the case, the RG-42 rod, and a rod+reel combo as solo items. The case is great for multi-piece rods up to 7' long, and our 42" rod is easy to store in your boat, RV, or cabin.

Get The Case $69

Get The Rod $79

Get The Combo $119