X-Comp Series

X-Comp Series

The RODgeeks X-Comp blanks feature composite construction taken to the EXTREME

Extreme Power is derived by using carbon fiber in the handles for serious fish fighting backbone. 

Extreme Sensitivity is achieved by using carbon fiber and S-glass in the tips and rolling it into Moderate-Fast actions that load up smoothly and communicate every nuance to the fisherman. 

Extreme Durability is created by a circumferential carbon fiber wrap in the midsection of the blanks that creates insane hoop strength yet weighs next to nothing.

Extreme Versatility is realized by offering a wide range of powers in blanks that can be butt and tip cut to precisely dial in the desired action to make rods that perform in a wide range of saltwater and freshwater applications.

Extreme Value comes from buying these blanks directly from the manufacturer – RODgeeks.

The X-Comp Series was designed with a focus on inshore fishing. We have 5 different models that cover a wide range of weight ratings. All blanks in this series are 7’3” in length and feature Moderate-Fast actions. We rate the power of these blanks on a number scale ranging from 1 to 5, each corresponding to a different line weight range with 1 being the lightest and 5 being the heaviest. These blanks have serious power, excellent sensitivity, and can be used in a wide range of applications. 

These blanks excel in freshwater applications, too. Consider the X-Comp blanks for freshwater rod builds when a fast action is not required but excellent strength in the handle is essential. The lighter models are ideal for casting and retrieving moving baits, while the heavier models will make great catfishing rods. The extreme durability of these blanks makes them an excellent choice for kayak fishing. Start your next build on an X-Comp blank and get EXTREME.

We offer you the option of custom colors on your blanks, along with quick order fulfillment and factory direct pricing.  No one offers more to rod geeks than RODgeeks.



XC731 – A good choice for freshwater kayak builds.
XC732A very versatile blank that can be butt and tip cut to dial in the action.  Excellent fluke rod blank.
XC734 – Your “go-to” Blackfish Rod blank.
XC735 - Consider this for west coast style builds.

*Sinker weight rating for vertical techniques, lure rating for cast and retrieve

**Values may vary slightly blank to blank


[Click Here for Blank Diameters in PDF Form]