Surf Rod Blank Series

Surf Rod  Blank Series

RODgeeks surf blanks are designed to provide smooth, long casts, solid fish fighting backbone, and excellent durability.  These blanks are made with our proprietary Carbon 2 material, and the moderate action models are a Carbon 2 composite that feature some S-glass in the tip sections.  We offer a wide variety of lengths, powers, and actions so whatever your surf rod needs are we’ve got you covered.

We also offer a very unique three piece combo blank. This model, SRF110C3, features a single butt section with two interchangeable tips.  One tip section features a Carbon Fiber and S-Glass composite construction; it has Medium power and a very parabolic Moderate action.  The second tip section is constructed completely of carbon fiber and gives the rod Medium-Heavy power and a faster Mod-Fast action.  Each blank section creates two distinctly different fishing rods that can handle a wide range of applications.    

You can upgrade your surf rod blank by having it painted one of our custom colors.


[ Click Here for a PDF of Blank Dimensions ]