RODGeeks RG-42

Stop Wishing, Go Fishing

Is fishing one of your favorite ways to relax? In today’s busy life, we’re always on the move. So how can you get in more of what you love doing? Now, there’s a solution that plays perfectly into your schedule... and fits right in your hands. Introducing the RG-42:

Meet the RG-42

Created by RODgeeks, world-class rod makers obsessed with the details, performance, and making fishing simply fun. Your RG-42 includes a rod, reel, line, tackle tray, pliers all snug in one compact, ready-to-go case. Because it goes where you go. However you roll.

$149 for the whole kit — free shipping in the US!

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Your time is valuable. Spend more of it fishing.

The RG-42 combo kit features a 42” spinning rod, a reel spooled with line, a custom-designed carrying case, a pair of fishing pliers, and a tackle tray. This innovative product is small enough to fit in any vehicle and light enough to carry anywhere, yet it fishes big. It’s ready to fish anytime you are.

Half the Length - Just as Powerful

We know the struggle of transporting and storing traditional, 7 to 8 foot fishing rods. Multipiece rods offer some relief, but you still have to set them up and break them down every time you fish. And who likes dealing with a tangled mess of line and rod sections? RODgeeks solves this problem by offering you a tournament-grade 42” rod that is ready to fish the second you pull it out of the case.

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Holds Your Tackle

The RG-42 kit comes with a handy tackle box and 7" needle nose fishing pliers with a split ring tip.

Holds Your Phone

The RG-42 case has a special zippered pocket to keep your phone safe and separate from everything else.

And Everything Else

Rest assured that you can also store your keys, wallet, and other important items as well.

What Do People Think?

From freshwater to saltwater, the RG42 is the shortest distance between you and the water. Check out what happened when we put it into the hands of two professional fisherman.

$149 for the whole kit — free shipping in the US!

Purchase Your RG-42 Now!

About RODgeeks

RODgeeks, located in upstate New York, owns and operates a state-of-the-art fishing rod factory and produces thousands of fishing rods every week. We have the equipment, the expertise, and the experience to guarantee that every RODgeeks RG-42 rod is built to the highest standards.

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