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Man fishing with RODgeeks fishing pole with spinning reel and carrying case
Woman carrying RG-42 travel fishing rod on her back
Stream Fishing with RG-42 Fishing Pole

The RG-42 is a travel fishing rod and reel combo that we've created to fit your active lifestyle. The thoughtfully designed carrying case holds a 42" rod and spinning reel combo that allows you to navigate hands-free. With a place for your phone and wallet, tackle tray and pliers - you'll have everything you need to fish more!

  • 45" case goes anywhere and carries everything you need to go fishing
  • Fits in any car or truck - it goes where you go  
  • Ideal if you kayak, canoe, hike, camp, or RV  
  • Includes a smooth tournament grade reel spooled with line  
  • 42" rod optimized for long casts and fish fighting power  
  • $149 + Free Shipping = Great Value

    No Fuss. No Muss. Portable Too!

  • No need to set up and break down your rod EVERY TIME you go fishing. 
  • A single rod that gives you the fight you’re looking for! 
  • Tangled fishing line? Not with the RG-42. 
  • Fits in your car, van, RV. Strap across your back and go hands-free for motorcycling, hiking and biking.  
  • Quality? You bet. We make St. Croix rods and use the same technology in the RG-42.