Fiberglass (S-Glass)

Fiberglass (S-Glass)

Fiberglass blanks are the most popular choice for throwing crankbaits and they are also preferred by many fishermen for some other techniques. RODgeeks offers you a broad range of blanks so you can be very creative when building your fiberglass rods.

All of our fiberglass blanks are designed with a moderate action, but we add a little Carbon 2 material to the handle and lower backbone to give them serious power. Our Medium-Heavy and Heavy power blanks enable the fisherman to rip the bait through cover and put serious pressure on a fish. The Medium-Light and Medium power blanks have small diameters – a product of our thoroughly engineered fiberglass prepreg – and are lighter than most typical fiberglass blanks.

Don't miss the X-Heavy and 2X-Heavy S-Glass Blanks; YOU asked for them and RODgeeks delivered.  The SG711XHMF and SG711XXHMF blanks are available in Moderate-Fast actions and a 7'11" length.  These blanks have added power in the backbone as well as the tip giving you the extra power needed to fight large fish.  The blanks are great for many inshore applications as well as for freshwater use in throwing big moving baits.  These two blanks are perfect for big catfish builds.

Since we make our Fiberglass Series in our factory, custom color is an option on these blanks, too.



SG70MHM – Use this blank for fishing lipless cranks and squarebills.
SG79MHM and SG79HM – Butt cut and tip cut to your liking, these are excellent saltwater and crankbait blanks.
SG711XHMF – A very popular big catfish rod.

*Values may vary slightly blank to blank


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