Factory Direct

RODgeeks is brought to you by Axiom North America, LLC, which is a joint venture between St. Croix of Park Falls, and Rapsody, Inc. We own and operate a modern, state-of-the-art fishing rod factory that is located in central Mexico, and we produce several thousand fishing rods every week. We have the equipment, the expertise, and the experience to guarantee that every RODgeeks rod and blank is built to the highest standards.

RODgeeks blanks are built to order in our factory. Place an order, and we will fabricate and paint your blanks within a few business days. We will ship your order to Laredo, Texas, and after clearing Customs it will be delivered to your address by FedEx or UPS. Most orders shipped to U.S. customers are delivered within 2 weeks of when they are placed.

Order a RODgeeks blank and you are truly buying from the manufacturer. In our world, factory direct is a very literal term.

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