Custom Colors by RODgeeks

 Custom Colors

Metallics • Flakes • Pearls • Solid High Gloss • Neon • Two-Tone Combinations

RODgeeks enables you to add a new dimension of creativity to rod building by having your blanks painted with one or two of our beautiful custom colors. We use automotive grade paints that are specially formulated for use on fishing rods. They contain ultraviolet light inhibitors and flex additives, so you can be confident that these attractive and durable finishes will look good and protect the blank for years. 


RODgeeks Color Options

Color By The Numbers

$15 Charge for painting a blank 1 color
$20 Charge for painting a 2 tone blank
$20 Charge for painting Red, White & Blue
29 Different colors to choose – new colors added frequently
700+ Possible 2 tone combinations
0 Other companies that offer so many options to rod makers

Signature Look We now offer even more custom options with 3, or 4 custom colors. To create a signature look for your blanks you must place an order of 10+ blanks with the same paint design. These can be different blank models but they MUST be the same paint design. Send an email to to work with the RODgeeks team in creating your signature look and paint scheme.


 It's all in the Finish. Our standard finish is a matte clear coat that we call Natural. This provides moisture and UV protection while showing the original look of the carbon fiber or fiberglass prepreg. We also have a clear gloss coat option at no charge. We will paint a blank with any one of our custom colors for $15 per blank. We can apply different colors to upper and lower sections of the blank to create a two tone look for $20 per blank. With more than 30 colors, your two tone choices are almost endless. Rod blanks that are ordered with two colors will be painted with one color approximately 1/3 up from the butt and the other color in the upper 2/3 of the blank [30:70] or [50:50]. In all cases, you get to specify which color goes on the handle and which color is applied to the tip area.



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