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Carbon 4 Series

Carbon 4 Series

Whether building a rod for yourself or one of your customers, sometimes you need a blank that is really special. Maybe you need a hard to find action for a favorite technique, or you want to build a really powerful rod that is still light enough to fish 8 hours on tournament day. Sometimes you want to build a common length, power, and action, but you want that rod to be uncommonly light and extremely sensitive. RODgeeks Carbon 4 blanks are designed for these special builds.

Our Carbon 4 prepreg uses all of the same proprietary technology we use in our Carbon 2 prepreg, but we jack up the performance with a high modulus, high strain carbon fiber. We roll this material on small diameter mandrels that feature our ST3 — Smooth Taper Transition Technology — to yield blanks that are light, powerful, durable, and very smooth in action.

Our Carbon 4 lineup features a mix of some conventional and some very specialized models. We offer them in our standard natural finish, but any can be painted one of our custom colors at your discretion.

Choose a Carbon 4 blank when your inner rod geek just can’t be contained, but be prepared to never accept a compromise in your blanks again. These blanks are priced from $89 to $119, so this addiction won’t break the bank. Compare our Carbon 4 blanks to other blanks on the market that cost twice as much and we think you’ll agree that factory direct just makes sense.



C466MLF – Great for panfish, trout, and finesse bass rods.
C466MMF – Consider this blank for topwater, jerkbaits, and inshore applications.
C470LF – Makes a great vertical jig rod for walleye fishing.
C473MHXSExtra Sensitive action is popular for drop shot and walleye jig builds.  Makes a great crappie rod too.
C473HF – Carries a lot of power in a blank that weighs less than 3 oz.

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