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Carbon 2 Series

Carbon 2 Series

RODgeeks Carbon 2 Series blanks are designed to deliver excellent performance and tremendous value. We offer a wide variety of lengths, powers, and actions, and each design has been refined through rigorous testing and countless iterations. You can be confident that rods you build with Carbon 2 blanks will meet the needs of the most demanding fisherman.

RODgeeks Carbon 2 prepreg features a high strain, mid-modulus carbon fiber. It is blended with low resin content and a thin scrim cloth to create a low fiber area weight material that has a high concentration of carbon fiber. In plain English, this material has a lot of the good stuff and just enough of the other necessary stuff, so don’t be misled by the “mid-modulus” description. This proprietary material makes rod blanks that really perform.

We also have 2 piece blanks in our Carbon 2 line-up. You can select 6’6” or 7’ finished blanks in Medium-Light and Medium powers. These are high performance blanks with tight fitting ferrules ready to assemble right out of the box. 

The Carbon 2 Series blanks are offered in a natural finish but can be painted with one of our custom colors for an additional fee.

With prices ranging from $39 to $89, our Carbon 2 blanks are an outstanding value. Although these are our lowest price blanks, they are certainly not entry level.
Factory direct = Great value

C260MHF – A great choice for skipping and pistol grip rods.
C270MXF – A popular choice for drop shot and walleye jig builds.
C273MM and C276MHM – Consider these for your crainkbait builds – these blanks have moderate actions similar to fiberglass blanks, yet they are lighter and have more sensitive actions.


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