Carbon 2 Inshore Series

Carbon 2 Inshore Series

The RODgeeks Inshore blanks are made with the same proprietary prepreg we use in our Carbon 2 Series, but we optimized the powers and actions for saltwater fishing. All models have more power than their Carbon 2 Series counterparts. For example, a Medium power inshore blank will have a backbone that is between the Carbon 2 Series Medium and Medium Heavy power blanks. This is consistent throughout the lineup.

We also included some moderate action blanks that are ideal for popping rods. They are very light and have smooth tapers, yet they have enough backbone to turn a fish.

Like all RODgeeks blanks, our Inshore Series can be custom painted for an additional charge.



C2SW70LM & C2SW70MLM –Consider these blanks for trout and panfish rod builds.

Our Moderate action blanks in this series are excellent for popping rod builds.

*Values may vary from blank to blank


[ Click Here for a PDF of Blank Dimensions ]