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About us

RODgeeks is brought to you by St. Croix of Park Falls. Inc. We own and operate a modern, state-of-the-art fishing rod factory that is located in central Mexico, where we produce several thousand fishing rods every week. We have the equipment, the expertise, and the experience to guarantee that every RODgeeks rod and blank is built to the highest standards.



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Engineering Expertise

St. Croix Fishing Rods is a partner in RODgeeks, and every rod we make is backed by their 70+ years of experience in designing and building the best fishing rods in the world. We know fishing rod technology. And we never compromise.

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Premium Legacy

We use top notch carbon fiber prepreg, guides, handles, and reel seats to build rods to the highest standards. We have built almost 2 million premium quality fishing rods in our state-of-the-art factory. You can fish a RODgeeks rod with confidence.

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Trusted by the Best

RODgeeks has been selling rod blanks (the stick part of the rod) to custom rod builders since 2014. This is a very discerning group of people that obsess over every detail of their work.  They trust us to provide components worthy of their talents. Check out some of their work on our website.  You will be amazed by their skill and artistry.

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Factory Direct

Most rod companies buy rods from overseas factories, sell them to retailers, who then offer them for sale to you, the fishing consumer. RODgeeks is different. We offer you a true factory-direct opportunity because we actually make our own rods in our own factory. We source reels and accessories from vetted, high quality suppliers.  In addition to ensuring quality, this direct link between you and the manufacturer means that RODgeeks offers you unmatched value. 

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Our Manufacturing Location

856 4th Ave. N.
Park Falls WI 54552