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Bass 4 Series

Bass 4 Series - The RODgeeks Bass series is a collection of technique specific carbon fiber blanks that have been specially designed to meet the demands of hard core tournament bass fishermen. The actions are slightly slower than our other series in order to accommodate braided line, and a special reinforcing material is added that increases durability. We have 13 unique models that we offer in high-modulus carbon fiber material (same as our Carbon 4 material). Each model in this series was created with extensive input from rod makers, tournament bass fishermen, materials engineers, and blank designers. They are light, sensitive, and durable- exactly what you need to build a high performance fishing rod. And because our blanks come to you factory direct, they are some of the best value you'll ever find.

Use these blanks when you need a rod that is extra sensitive and light. The high modulus will not disappoint. 

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