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“X-Comp” is shorthand for our series of “Extreme Composite” blanks designed for saltwater boat fishing. They are made from a combination of carbon fiber (graphite) and fiberglass, with more carbon fiber towards the butt to keep the blank stiff and powerful, and more fiberglass towards the tip to make it durable. Instead of being labeled with light, medium, or heavy powers, each blank is assigned a power from zero to six, with zero being the least, and six being the most powerful. The blanks come in either 7’3” or 8’ lengths.

Common Applications

X-Comps excel at bottom fishing techniques but also have good casting abilities, especially the 8’ versions. They have become a go-to choice for fishermen targeting:

Fluke (powers 0-2)

Blackfish/Tog (powers 2-4)

Striped Bass (powers 3-5)

Cod (powers 5-6)

Kingfish (powers 4-5)

Blank Action

The actions on these blanks are rated as moderate-fast, meaning they mostly bend in the top third of the blank. They are very stiff and powerful in the handle section, and transition to being softer in the tip. However, as the powers of the blanks increase, they become more moderate (bend further back toward the handle). For example, the XC730 will be faster than the XC736. This is because you need a more moderate action to handle 24oz sinkers than you need to handle 2oz. Also keep in mind that the 8’ X-Comps are slightly more moderate than the corresponding 7’3” versions. The XC802 is especially more moderate than the XC732.

It is important to know that the 8’ X-Comps are NOT made by simply extending the butts of the 7’3” versions. Just as the 7’3” versions bend mostly in the top third (i.e. top 29”), so do the 8’ versions (i.e. the top 32”). So if you want a more moderate version of the 7’3” blanks, you should buy the 8’ version and butt cut it to 7’3”.

Cutting X-Comps

In general, X-Comps can be cut from both the butt and the tip. However, tips are much more sensitive to cutting than butts because cutting a tip will change the action (making the blank a lot stiffer and able to handle heavier sinkers). It is common to butt cut the 8’ blanks all the way down to 7’6”, and they can be butt cut all the way to 7’ without losing power. The 7’3” blanks can be butt cut to 6’6” without losing power.

Let us know what you use your X-Comps for in the comments below.

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