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Why Should I Consider a Short Fishing Rod?

The traditional fishing rod that is somewhere between 6' - 8' feet long is an excellent fishing tool, but it can be very difficult to store and transport. Two-piece fishing rods help to address these challenges, but they require that you break them down to make them more manageable. This means taking the time to re-thread the line through the guides AND tie on your bait every time you fish.

Our 42" long RG-42 fishing rod solves these problems by being compact enough to easily take with you everywhere. And you keep the rod rigged for fishing – just unhook your bait from the hook keeper when you are ready to fish and start casting.

You make virtually no compromises when fishing a purpose-designed short rod and reel. The RG-42 travel fishing rod casts long distances and has enough backbone to fight a 10-pound fish. The only time you wish for a longer fishing rod is when you are reaching around an obstruction like a boat motor or weeds near the shore, or when trying to make a quick hook set with a weedless bait.

The biggest advantage to fishing a short rod and reel is that the sensitivity is crazy good. You feel every rock, weed, and bite, and you can tell the difference between them. The sensitivity increase is easy to understand. The tip of the fishing rod vibrates when there is motion in the line. The vibration energy is transferred down the rod from the tip to the handle, and the angler feels the line movement.

A longer fishing rod has a lot more material in the backbone (non-tip) section, and this material absorbs and dissipates the vibrational energy. The shorter RG-42 travel fishing rod has much less material due to its short length, so there isn’t much dissipation of tip vibration. The sensitivity is extremely high. I catch a lot more fish since switching to the RG-42 fishing rod from my big collection of 7’ rods. I can tell when I have a bite and I can better feel when to set the hook.

Consider an RG-42 travel fishing rod. It is easy to store, fits in any car, stays rigged and ready at all times, and comes with a high quality, thoughtfully designed fishing equipment carrying case. Most importantly, you will find yourself fishing more and catching more fish.

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