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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Travel Fishing Rod

Let’s face it, modern life is busy. Recreational fishing is one of the most relaxing and affordable hobbies out there. Fishing gives you the opportunity to get outside, slow down and - most importantly - fish! Having a travel fishing rod makes it a LOT easier to fish more frequently.

There are lots of reasons to buy a travel fishing rod. We recommend our travel rod, the RG-42. Here are the top 10 reasons to buy the RG-42 travel fishing rod kit:

    1. Our fishing kit has everything you need to fish anytime, anywhere - that pretty much says it all - you can purchase our travel rod on its own OR as a combo kit (our recommendation). The rod and reel combo kit includes a 42” rod, spinning reel and more - all designed to fit perfectly in a portable soft case.
    2. All the accessories you need—and a place to store them - Each kit comes with tackle box and pliers, so you’re always ready to fish. Plus our case has pockets to fit everything perfectly—including your phone and keys!
    3. Our 42” travel fishing rod is optimized for side casting and can handle a fight - no need to restring your rod, or put rod components together every time you want to fish. You can truly grab the case and go! [insert or embed video link to side casting here]
    4. Our rod is easy to handle, easy to travel - you’ll love the action on our travel fishing rod and it’s seriously smooth reel. Better yet, it fits easily into your car, truck, RV or over your shoulder to take on a bike, ATV, and more.
    5. The perfect fishing rod for anyone and everyone - professionals and recreational fishers alike will be amazed at the capabilities and comfortability of the RG-42.
    6. Handles like a full-size rod - bigger isn’t always better! Even the professionals who’ve tried the RG-42 travel fishing rod are amazed by the way our fishing rod feels and handles. It’s durable and light, with everything you’d expect from a professional rod.
    7. We personally manufacture all of our rods - this means we can guarantee the highest quality at the most competitive price.
    8. You’ll never have to wish you had a rod with you again - keep our fishing rod kit in your boat, camper, cabin, vehicle, or anywhere else you might be when the opportunity to go fishing pops up!
    9. It makes a great gift - from dads to moms, kids and grandparents, anyone can use and enjoy the RG-42 travel fishing rod kit.
    10. The value can’t be beat - you can get the best travel fishing rod kit today for $149 by ordering on our website or Amazon Prime

Oh, and did we mention FREE SHIPPING. (We guess that makes it 11 things, not 10.) Happy fishing!

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